Cooking Project: Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was a real baking project weekend last weekend – which was so therapeutic and fun and just what I needed after a stressful work week. I’d been wanting to try this Buzzfeed guide to making perfect chocolate chip cookies for a long time but I knew this would be take a lot of time. Some things you really need to work for.

I went with the first recipe – my initial instinct is to start with a “master recipe” then once you’ve given that  a go you can make changes the next time around. Again, when baking I think preparation is the key to less stress and more success. Read through the recipe a few times, line the baking tins and weigh out all your ingredients.


You will note the obscene amount of sugar in these.  Excite.

This is an easy recipe cause you don’t need to cream the butter and sugar – you just melt the butter (allow to cool to room temperature) and then mix in with the sugar. If you don’t let the butter cool then the sugar will just melt into the butter and you’ll have a gooey mess.


There is a fair amount of TLC involved in this recipe, once you mix in the dry ingredients you need to really make sure the ingredients are mixed in well and there’s no pockets of dry ingredients.

Again, after you add the eggs and vanilla really make sure these are mixed in – there’s no over-mixing here. Once that’s done add the chips!


I had trouble finding chocolate chips in Dublin actually! Maybe you can chop up some chocolate if you’re also having trouble.

Then I portioned out the dough (alas, I had no cookie scooper) and let rest for 4 hours before baking the first batch…’s what came out



A Monster Cookie if you will. Lol.  So I didn’t leave enough space between the cookies and my cookies were too big I think. Still tasted good so one out of two ain’t bad.

The guide recommends that the longer you rest the dough the better the cookies will be – so after resting for almost 2 days I baked another batch making sure that I made the cookies smaller and more space between each one. Oh! And I sprinkled salt over both batches by the way, it’s a bit of a game changer and I’m so mad I forgot to do that to the blondies.


This was a much more successful run but I can’t say I notice anything majorly in the taste….so maybe you don’t really need to rest them for that long. I should have done a test and baked them straight away but I’m not that smart. I’ll try that next time!


I wouldn’t say this is a quick recipe but if you have a rainy weekend with some friends then these are a great way to spend time and calories.


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