Cooking Project: Schnitzel

I have been cooking up a storm this last few weeks – Spring has sprung and now that the evenings are getting longer I’m more motivated to do things when I get home from work. However, the brighter evenings didn’t translate into my kitchen last night meaning that most of my pics came out kinda crappy – but I’ll post the better of the pics.

I followed the guidelines laid out in this article and my attention was brought to one comment about how clarified butter is the “perfect fat” for frying schnitzel. I had been curious about clarified butter for a while so I decided to give that a try too. I used Serious Eats’ guide on how to do this, their “how-tos” are really interesting and usually give a lot of the scientific reasons why we do things a certain way in cooking. Basically you melt butter, bring it to the boil and wait for it to stop bubbling. Then drain it (I used a coffee filter) and leave to cool. It’ll keep in the fridge for a few months. You’ll see our special guest butter star in the pic below:


For my schnitzel I used pork chops, veal is more traditional and you could use chicken but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop out. Some people think they don’t like pork chops. They are wrong. But that’s a topic for another time!

Beat the pork chops until they’re thin, this is really important and honestly I didn’t do it enough. Perhaps it was because I had spent the previous day at the spa, therefore I was relaxed and had no pent up stress to release. Anyway, this is a good weekday recipe to make after a frustrating day at work when you need to batter something. Once this is done, sprinkle with plain flour and set up a breading station. Quick note on the breadcrumbs, I did plan on using panko (these are japanese breadcrumbs) as I thought these would be best way to achieve a crispy crust but after thinking it wouldn’t be very traditional I went with fresh breadcrumbs.

Cook the chops in batches, it makes life a little easier. After breading the chops, fry in the butter for a few mins on each side – they get nice and golden.

And you’re done! I had envisioned serving these with something more fitting like red cabbage or potato dumplings but the joys of Spring haven’t stretched that far! I served with some potato gnocchi cooked with spinach and mushrooms and forgot about taking a photo until I was halfway through my meal. I want to give this another go and next time really get the meat thin, I think that’ll make a huge difference. They still tasted great though, even my notoriously fussy boyfriend finished his (I promised if he didn’t like it that I’d order him a pizza). While I was eating I did think of something else to add to my project list – Gnocchi!

Lol, typical that this list keeps growing as soon as I tick something off of it!


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