Pad Thai Fries

When I lived in Toronto I had these once at Lisa Marie’s and have thought of them often ever since then. It doesn’t help that I follow them on Instagram and they regularly post pics of said fries.

So I’d been craving them for a while, and with it being the last week before payday and the cupboards looking particularly bare – tonight was the night to try and recreate them.

I googled the recipe and found what I think is the most accurate, I halved the recipe as I was only cooking for myself but even that makes a shitload of sauce….so yea bear that in mind!

Super simple to make, melt butter on a high heat – add in lemon juice and Siracha and reduce for about 5 minutes, until it’s thick. Leave to cool for a little while so it gets thicker.

While the sauce is cooling – cook your fries/chips depending on your location. To be honest I feel like you need to say fries in this context because Pad Thai Fries rolls off the tongue and into your heart. Pad Thai Chips sounds weird. Anyway, I used our fancy air fryer because I spent quite a bit of money on this and have used it only once. And I’ve only used it to cook frozen chips so please don’t ask me if I think they’re worth it because I still don’t know.

Once they’re done, toss in a ladle of sauce (more or less depending on how they taste) and serve with lime. You should also serve with beansprouts and crushed peanuts (and coriander if you’re that way inclined) but I didn’t have any in the house and as mentioned above I have spent all my money on household appliances that I never use.

These were great, I’m feeling happy that I have a whole lot of sauce left to use up. Proof that the secret ingredient is always either butter or lemon juice.


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