Galway Foodie Weekend


I’ve been wanting to visit Galway for months, not just because one of my best friends lives there – the food scene in Galway is meant to be amazing. And that is how #GalwayFoodieWeekend2k17 was born.

I arrived into the city at about 8pm on Friday night and we got straight to business with dinner at Bite Club. A very fun bar that has great music and even better food. My pics aren’t great as the place’s mood lighting isn’t the best environment for taking pictures but trust me when I say this was a great way to start off the weekend. We all went for some form of chicken – chicken burgers and Korean fried chicken, along with a side of mac and cheese and some

The mac and cheese was definitely over-doing it but it was my favourite (and that’s saying something) – a really yummy and decadent start to the food festivities.

The next day some of us went for a 5k run while others went for a 2.5k walk (let’s not name names) so that we could work up an appetite for brunch. While there are a lot of options we went with Ard Bia where I had eaten dinner before and really wanted to return to.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted to go sweet or savoury so we ended up sharing one of each! I highly recommend this, we shared the beans on toast with an egg on top and then the French toast with fried banana as dessert. The French toast was served with a syrup made from apples which was deliciously caramelly. I had to take some home as a souvenir.

After that feast we walked around the Galway City Market which has a wide variety of treats – lots of fresh seafood, baked goods and snacks. Despite being very full from brunch we still managed to fit in a doughnut that was still hot from the fryer, followed by a refreshing coffee at Urban Grind

Day 2 was capped off by dinner at the Black Cat tapas restaurant where we had what can only be described as a feast – black pudding croquettes, chorizo, calamari, meatballs, monkfish tempura and beef cheeks.

The final meal of the weekend was Sunday Brunch – a meal not to be taken lightly. The honour of the last supper/brunch was bestowed to Kai and despite getting there just before they opened we still had to wait for an hour. Luckily, the place is definitely worth the hype. The brunch menu changes weekly, again we decided to share two plates so that we could try more of the menu – crab cakes with poached eggs and an avocado edamame bean smash with more poached eggs. We added on the sausage and potatoes because as the fella says “when you’re out, you’re out”. I really think this was the most amazing brunch of my life, not just because I waited an hour for it – I’ve waited longer for other brunches and I think this takes the metaphorical cake (we were too full for dessert). But their literal cakes looked really good.

#GalwayFoodieWeekend2K17 was closed by some tea in the Secret Garden which is a place I can very easily see myself spending a few hours curled up with a good book or even just with a good friend.

All in all, a very successful weekend. I look forward to part 2!


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