Cooking Project: Cinnamon Rolls & Life Lessons

An alternative title for this blog post is “I really need to calm down when things don’t go the way I want them to and to go with the flow instead of giving up” but that’s a bit long-winded. I had my family visit me today and I offered to serve brunch. I treated myself to the Little Book of Brunch a few weeks ago and have been dying to have some people over for brunch ever since. Because I tend to over-board when I cook for people I decided to keep it very simple; some fresh bagels from the Bretzel Bakery along with the trimmings so that people could help themselves and then the fancy bit would be homemade cinnamon rolls.

There’s a common theme in my cooking experiments – I do not read the recipe through correctly. Despite some very clear instructions I still somehow didn’t really comprehend that the rolls would take a few hours to prepare (due to proving etc.) and ended up starting to make them way later than I would have liked. Perhaps because of this I was a bit frazzled and made some stupid mistakes including forgetting to add the yeast until what I thought was far too late. In reality it wasn’t but in the heat of the moment I was convinced everything was ruined and I should just dump my mix into the bin and give up.

This can be a problem with me. I get frustrated if things aren’t going to plan and I just want to give up. It’s not one of my best traits and I know I need to address it and just get over myself.

In this case it was easy, I just added in the yeast, kneaded the dough and hoped for the best. Thank god that kneading dough is so cathartic. There aren’t really any pics of this progress because honestly I had given up on these rolls. I shoved the dough into the hot press to prove, mixed up some sugar, cinnamon and allspice and laid out the rest of the brunch ingredients: smoked salmon, cream cheese, tuna salad (tinned tuna mixed with scallions, gherkins and some Greek yogurt), sliced pickled beetroot and bacon.

After leaving for two hours to rise, I peeked into the hot press and to my relief saw that the dough had risen.

I knocked back the dough, rolled it out (next time I know I need a lot more space) and brushed it with some melted butter, then spread the yummy sugar mix onto the it. Then I carefully rolled up the massive cinnamon sausage, cut it into two – then two again. It was at this point that I realised how silly I had been earlier to want to give up on these so soon. So far they looked great! Sometimes you don’t know how something will turn out until you try.


The book recommended a cream cheese icing to serve but in the interest of time I sprinkled over some icing sugar and served the buns still warm. A time-consuming, sometimes stressful, but very rewarding addition to any brunch table.



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  1. I’m the same, I often only read half the recipe and then things do go as planned, and things don’t happen in order. But hey, luckily most of the stuff always turns out OK. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls, which is weird because I absolutely adore them, especially with icing. NOMNOM! Thanks for reminding me I need to start trying to make these! Yours like very nice.

    Would you be interested in sharing recipes with our community of passionate foodies? We’re always on the lookout for fun, new and delicious recipes like this one. You can find us right over here: and on Instagram @Creatorsdotco (where we share creations from the Good Eats community!)

    1. onlineness says:

      These were even better the next day 🙂 thanks for the kind word and I’ve sent a request to join that FB group!

      1. That’s always great to hear. I tend to like cake a lot the second day, there’s just something about it haha. Cool, see you there soon!

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