Cauliflower “Rice” Bowls

While I would never turn my back on carbs totally, I have been trying to limit the amount I eat – one way I’ve been doing this is to substitute cauliflower for rice. I simply blitz up the florets in my mini food processor and then I bake it in the oven as I find this gives it a more fluffy texture.  I tend to make it large batches so that I usually have a few portions in the fridge.

This makes it really easy to bring healthy lunches to work – I take a base of the “rice” and add in some tinned chickpeas. Then I dice some red onion, peppers, cucumber and tomatoes (again this can be made ahead and stored in the fridge) and add to the base. I top it off with some protein (either chicken or falafel) and finally I make a yogurt based dressing. When my salad has falafel I make a hummus dressing by mixing equal parts hummus and natural yogurt together with a squeeze of lemon. Otherwise I just mix natural yogurt with lime juice.

And there you have easy and tasty lunches to bring to work 🙂




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