Cooking Project: Queso Fundido

Some recipes I can only make for a large gathering – otherwise I’ll end up eating the entire thing myself. So I was waiting until we had a few people over before I tried to make queso fundido – a yummy melty cheesey dip.

We had a few people over for some board games and  gave this a go. First I made a simple salsa with tomatoes and chili, for the cheese I went with a mild white cheddar, some mozzarella and a spicy cheese I found in Super Valu. I tossed the grated cheese with some plain flour and fried up chorizo and red onion – incidentally, is there a better chorizo than the whole chorizo from Lidl?

I guess in theory one should use a Mexican lager for this but instead I went with an O’Hara’s, I heated it up in the chorizo pan and then added in the cheese bit by bit until it had melted. I served with the salsa on top and with some tortilla chips.

It’s not the prettiest of dishes but it is definitely a crowd pleaser. Considering how much I ate of it and how I felt afterwards though…I’m not sure I’ll be making this again.


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