“Sushi” Stacks

This is not authentic sushi but is a great quick dinner and you can change up the ingredients depending on what you have to hand. I think I came across this on Instagram but to be honest sometimes I just find random recipes on my phone that I’ve bookmarked and I have no idea where I found them!

I diced up my onion, cucumber and mango – I wish I had some advice on how to easily peel mangoes but I always make mess of it. I mixed all this good stuff together and then moved onto the tuna. The recipe called for tuna in oil which I don’t love so I used tuna in spring water instead, I also used less mayo cause you know health reasons. Then I sprinkled some rice vinegar over leftover rice, mushed up some avocado and lemon and began stacking my ingredients using a measuring cup. Again, you could change it up here and use whatever you fancy – experiment! I didn’t bother with the siracha mayo, I didn’t think it needed it but you could add some soy or wasabi if you fancy it. A great lazy dinner that looks anything but.


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