Half Marathon Training: Week 5

It’s been heating up in Ireland! The last week has been sunny and hotter than usual – which culminated in a very hot Saturday for our 10km run. Luckily our beautiful route along Salthill in Galway had a refreshing sea breeze which meant we were kept cool, unluckily because we had forgotten to wear sun-cream it resulted in some nasty sunburn.

Apart from that, I was surprised how well the run had gone. I had really been dreading this 10km as it’s the furthest distance I’ve ran and I didn’t feel at all prepared for it. At the start it did feel really difficult and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish, but I took deep breaths, took my time and just concentrated on getting through 4 minutes of running and one minute walking. Not only did I finish but it was second best time! I felt really proud of myself and was so happy I did this run with two of my best friends. Was really lovely to be with them and achieve such a big accomplishment.

Last week was my first spin class since last August – something else  I had been a bit scared to do again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed spin classes and to be honest the endorphin rush hasn’t worn off yet. I can’t wait to go back.

This week’s goal is to do some yoga and run an 11km, bring it 🙂

Week 5

Distance Ran: 21.1km

Longest Run: 10.03km

Average Pace: 7:20


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