Ireland Staycation – Part 1

Last month my friend from Canada came over to visit. It was her first time in Europe and a great excuse to spend a few days exploring this little country of mine. She landed early on a Saturday morning and after dropping off her luggage and a restorative bagel we hit up the city.

We started with a bit of an unconventional tour of Dublin – the Vintage Tea Tour. I cannot recommend this tour enough! Okay if you wanted a thorough history of Dublin City maybe this isn’t the best for that, what is the best for is plenty of tea or coffee, yummy cakes and sandwiches, lovely tour guides in a cute, quirky setting. It was a cosy feeling to be zooming round the city and looking out at the rain while eating cake. After that we visited Trinity College where it was so crowded we couldn’t get near the book of Kells but we also visited the Chester Beatty Library which has some lovely Kells-esque books as well as a treasure trove of Asian artifacts and a really great cafe. So to sum up, if visiting Dublin I would nearly skip Trinity and check there out instead. It’s also free!

After that we had a look around the grounds of Dublin Castle and a quick pint in Mary’s Bar. We finished up the day in the Camden Exchange which really impressed me with its street food and relaxed vibe. Despite the rain it felt like a pretty perfect day in Dublin.

The next day was bright and sunny as we started with breakfast in Brother Hubbard South and got the train out to Blackrock. Honestly, Blackrock wasn’t my idea – it had been on my friend’s list to do in Dublin but I’m really glad we went out. I had never really wandered around Blackrock before but it’s a great place to spend a few quiet hours on a Sunday. We caffed up at Bear Market Coffee and continued along the train to Dun Laoghaire. It was a beautiful day for a walk along the pier, finishing up at the People’s Park market and grabbed some dumplings.

This was only the start of the trip, part 2 coming later this week 🙂


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