Half Marathon Training: Week 6

After last week’s 10k went so well I went into this week feeling really motivated and I had a new goal – run 11k before work. I usually run in the morning because I find it easier getting the run out of the way first thing. But I’ve never ran such a long distance before work, I save that for the weekends.

This week though was going to be a very sociable weekend and the only time to fit my long run in would be before work on Friday. I got up at 5am, ate a banana and headed out. I’m not going to say it was a complete cakewalk (or run). It was windy, I kept getting rained on and at the last 1km I was catcalled. Nonetheless, I persisted. And I did it, I even did it with a few minutes to spare.

For next week I’m going to concentrating on improving my speed 🙂

Week 6

Distance Ran: 22.9km

Longest Run: 11.02km

Average Pace: 7:11


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