Tackling Bearnaise Sauce

I have been hit hard by a nasty Summer flu which has really been such terrific fun (heavy heavy sarcasm) and really couldn’t have come at a better time (more sarcasm). The other night I finally felt better enough to cook and I had a major craving for some comfort food that would build me up. So I picked up a couple of steaks and decided that I felt ambitious enough to try and make Bearnaise sauce. I found a recipe for this foolproof one on Serious Eats that made me think this might not be so hard to do.

I chopped up a shallot and added this to the tarragon stems plus the white wine and the white wine vinegar, I didn’t have any whole peppercorns so I threw in a few grinds of a pepper mill. Then, I started reducing this down and once that was done I strained the liquid.

I then separated the eggs (I turned the whites into an uninspired omelette the next morning) but was nervous about adding the reduced liquid to them just yet – I was worried that adding the hot liquid to the eggs before the butter was ready then I would end up accidentally scrambling the eggs. But seeing as how the sauce turned out maybe that was the idea? Anyway, once the butter had melted I started dripping it into the other ingredients with my hand blender whirring away.  It didn’t exactly thicken up the way I had hoped so I ended up putting it over a pan of hot water whisking away.

Despite my best efforts, it never really did thicken up to the consistency that I’m used to but it didn’t really matter. I ate it with a steak and chips and was happy that I felt good enough to cook.


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