Half Marathon Training: Week 11

I’ve been in a real running rut lately. Running and I are going through a rough time and we’ve been close to breaking up. I can’t really put my finger on why I’m struggling with it at the moment. I think maybe because I had been doing really well and seeing such an improvement a few weeks ago and to see it all be set back has been quite a blow to my motivation. I was just finding it all a bit boring and I really had to make myself to get up and go for a run.

I had a feeling of dread because I knew I had to do my long run this weekend and I wasn’t looking forward to it. So I did a couple of things to try and make it better, I changed up my running playlist but actually ended up listening to Jon Ronson’s latest series on Audible which lasted me throughout the run . I also changed my route up which I found really made a difference to the run and I didn’t feel as fed up.

So I’m feeling a bit more positive this week about training but I’m conscious that I haven’t been doing anything but running and I should be doing other exercise. I’m going to try and go swimming at some point this week.

Week 11

Distance Ran: 26.1km

Longest Run: 13.03km

Average Pace: 7:51





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  1. Glad you guys didn’t break up and you’re feeling a bit more positive!! #yougotthis

    1. onlineness says:

      We’re working on our relationship lol

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